Local Satellite Channels Provider:


HAWA Electronics offers preliminary consultancy studies for a variety of Satellite Systems and provides Installation, Repair and Maintenance of:

-  IPTV :
Hawa Electronics and HCT have undergone for a training of the most update system in our century that allow in every room of the Hotel to watch unlimited channels with option of Video on Demand. Perfect for 5* Hotels, Components and Castles.  

- SMATV  Head-end:
Hawa Electronics and HCT are the pioneer in installing SMATV, from 10 to 99 Channels in perfect picture and best sound. This is a must for Hotels and Hospitals

- Internet Via Satellite 2 Way, and Earth Station Solution.
Via sat is one of our major sections in our Companies, we are the best installers Vsat due our varies experience in multi Countries in the world.

-Collective Satellite Distribution:
Hawa Electronics and HCT also install collective satellite distribution, to combine more than one dish and distribute them on more than 4 receivers. Recommended for Building and Companies

-Inclined Orbit Satellite:
Hawa Electronics and HCT install Satellite dish for inclined Orbit for TX-RX and RX only in order to get good Speed and less Subscription cost.

- Internet Via satellite only down:
You can get a high speed through download via satellite by installing a dish and upload via DSL or ISDN or Telephone line.

-GPS Guided Marine Satellite Reception yachts & ships:
 Hawa Electronics and HCT work in Marine satellite System for TV, telephone, and data; that system would gives you full communication to the world from the middle of the ocean.

-SNG- Satellite Network Gathering:
Hawa Electronics and HCT install and operate SNG for broadcasting to send Video and audio from any site to another or to the station through a mobile Vsat dish. And. Must for TV stations.

- Private Satellite Systems:
Hawa Electronics installs all kind of satellite dishes from 0.40m up to 12 meters.  Including wide variety of LNB's and satellite digital receivers:

- Collective local Antennas:
Hawa Electronics installs multi antennas with programmed Filter for every channel in order to avoid any interference and to get the best quality possible. Best suitable for Hotel, Hospitals, Buildings, Villas and others.



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